PRESS RELEASE: ANCSA Regional Association Endorses Senator Sullivan for Reelection

ANCSA Regional Association Endorses Senator Sullivan for Reelection

ANCHORAGE, AK – The ANCSA Regional Association (ARA) – which represents the 12 Alaska Native regional corporations – today announced its endorsement of Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) for reelection. In making its endorsement, ARA highlighted Sullivan’s strong record of delivering concrete results for its members and their Alaska Native shareholders.

“Senator Dan Sullivan has a proven record of effective advocacy for Alaska and ARA’s membership,” said Kim Reitmeier, Executive Director of ARA. “To our collective benefit, he has elevated the level of understanding of the role of Alaska Native corporations, our contributions to Alaska’s economy, and how we provide benefits to our Alaska Native shareholders and descendants. We are fortunate that he has used his position in the Senate to bring awareness to how truly different Alaska is from the rest of the country.”

To read ARA’s full endorsement statement, click here.

In his first term in Congress, Senator Sullivan has delivered on numerous priorities important to Alaska Native people, communities and entities, including:

  • Fulfilling the government’s promise to Vietnam-era Alaska Native veterans through the Alaska Native Veterans Land Allotment Equity Act;
  • Protecting the right of Alaska Native people to whale by securing an automatic renewal of subsistence whaling quotas;
  • Bolstering water and sewer infrastructure by authorizing over $300 million in federal funding for communities lacking basic water and waste services;
  • And fighting to ensure Alaska Native corporations are not left out of COVID-19 relief efforts.



The ANCSA Regional Association is represented by a Board of Directors, composed of the Presidents and CEOs of the twelve Alaska Native regional corporations created pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA). ARA’s member organizations represent more than 135,000 Alaska Native shareholders and provide benefits to their shareholders and many tens of thousands of descendants.


In making their endorsement of Senator Dan Sullivan’s re-election, the ARA joins a growing number of organizations that represent Alaska Native interests including Chugach Alaska Corporation, Calista Corporation and Bering Straits Native Corporation.