PRESS RELEASE: Alaskans for Dan Sullivan Releases New Ad: “In Their Way”

ANCHORAGE, AK – Alaskans for Dan Sullivan today released its newest television ad “In Their Way”. In the ad, Senator Sullivan rebukes Democratic candidate Al Gross and his liberal allies for lying to Alaskans in an attempt to empower their anti-Alaska agenda.
To watch the new ad “In Their Way”, click here.


[Senator Sullivan]: I’m Dan Sullivan. I have repeatedly opposed the Pebble Mine.
But Al Gross and his outside liberal allies are spending millions lying to you.
Why? They want power to pass their anti-Alaska agenda…
…and I’m standing in their way.
Defending Alaska energy jobs from their Green New Deal,
…Protecting our Second Amendment rights from their gun grabbing judges,
…Rebuilding – not defunding – our military and police.
I approve this message, because Gross is with the lower 48 liberals,
…and I’m with you.