PRESS RELEASE: Senator Sullivan Receives Endorsement of Four U.S. Maritime Labor Organizations

Senator Sullivan Receives Endorsement of Four U.S. Maritime Labor Organizations

Sullivan Demonstrates a “Clear and Unwavering Commitment to the American Maritime Industry and Worker”

ANCHORAGE, AK – Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) has received the endorsement of four American maritime labor organizations:

• Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association
• American Maritime Officers
• International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots
• Seafarers International Union

“We are pleased to endorse [Senator Sullivan’s] reelection because of [his] strong, consistent support for America’s maritime industry and [his] vigorous and persistent efforts in behalf of America’s maritime workforce,” Presidents from each organization wrote in a joint statement. “[Sullivan’s] actions have demonstrated a clear and unwavering commitment to the American maritime industry and the American worker. We are pleased to stand with [him] and look forward to working with [him] in the next Congress.”

To read the full letter of endorsement, click here.


The Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association is the nation’s oldest and labor union, representing a large and diverse mix of engineers and deck officers, experienced and skilled in all aspects of the maritime workforce.

The American Maritime Officers is the largest union of U.S. merchant marine officers, with members working aboard U.S.-flagged vessels across a broad range of domestic and international trades as well as the Military Sealift Command.

The International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots represents licensed deck officers on U.S.-flag commercial vessels sailing offshore, on the inland waterways and on civilian-crewed ships in the government fleet; mariners who work on tug, ferry and harbor tour vessels; licensed and unlicensed mariners who work on dredges; state pilots; marine engineers; unlicensed seafarers; and maritime industry shore side clerical and service workers.

The Seafarers International Union represents merchant mariners aboard a wide variety of vessels, including commercial containerships and tankers, military support ships, tugboats and barges, and passenger ships.