FACT CHECK: In Recent Attack Ad, Gross Conceals $1.5 Million Dollar Ownership in Multinational Big Pharma Corporations


ANCHORAGE, AK – Alaskans for Dan Sullivan released the following statement on Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Al Gross’ ad “Taku”:

“As we’ve seen before, Democrat Al Gross continues to say one thing to Alaskans while doing another. His recent ad is a prime example. While Senator Sullivan advocates to return and expand pharmaceutical production to the U.S., Al Gross makes empty claims about outsourcing the production of pharmaceuticals and fails to admit that he personally owns more than $1 million worth of stocks in Big Pharma corporations that outsource manufacturing to China. Alaskans won’t be fooled by Gross’ cheap gimmicks, which continue to rely on deception and deceit.”
According to Al Gross’ November 2019 Senate Financial Disclosure, he owns as much as $1.5 million in stocks from multinational Big Pharma corporations that outsource their production to China.

Senator Dan Sullivan has and continues to support efforts to lower the cost of care and prescription medications in the United States. He has supported efforts to eliminate surprise medical billing, supports efforts to allow U.S. residents to purchase prescription medication across international lines if they meet U.S. safety standards, and has worked to protect pre-existing condition coverage for Alaskans.