FACT CHECK: Al Gross Continues to Deceive Alaskans on Pharma / Canadian Drug Prices

FACT CHECK: Al Gross Continues to Deceive Alaskans on Pharma / Canadian Drug Prices

Liberal spin doctor Al Gross and his outside supporters continue to flood the airwaves, emails and mail boxes with blatantly false and misleading attacks on Senator Sullivan.

Here are some of the facts on Gross’ deceitful ads regarding prescriptions drug manufacturing from China and drug importations from Canada.

FACT 1: Gross’ deceitful ads are a ploy to distract from his own harmful policy positions


  • Gross is on record dozens of times supporting a single-payer/ Medicare-for-all healthcare rewrite.
  • This radical takeover of healthcare would confiscate all private, union, military, and employer sponsors healthcare and cost taxpayers billions.

FACT 2: Al Gross is hiding his $1.5 million ownership stake in Big Pharma multi-national corporations


  • Gross made a career overcharging Alaskans for healthcare and funneled those profits into stocks from multi-national Big Pharmaceutical corporations that outsource production of prescription drugs to China.
  • He owns upwards of $1.5 million worth of stocks from Big Pharma corporations, a fact he continues to hide from Alaskans.

FACT 3: Al Gross blatantly distorts the truth on “importing drugs from Canada”


  • The amendment identified by Al Gross and outside groups was sponsored by failed Democratic Presidential nominees Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar.
  • The amendment was rejected by Republicans and Democrats, with 13 Senate Democrats voting no.
  • Even liberal Washington U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell voted against the measure, saying she: “has deep concerns around patient safety and counterfeit drugs that do not meet FDA standards being imported into the country and putting patient lives in danger… Unfortunately, the Sanders amendment did not have specific measures to protect public safety.”

FACT 4: Senator Sullivan supports and has voted for efforts to allow the importation of prescription medication across international lines if they meet U.S. safety standards


  • Senator Sullivan supports and has voted to allow for the importation of prescription drugs when those drugs can be certified as safe and meet FDA standards – precautions supported by the non-partisan experts at the Food and Drug Administration.

Al Gross has spent the last year distorting the truth and hiding the facts. Imagine what he’ll do if he’s elected.