Alaskans for Dan Sullivan Releases New Ad: “Semper Fi”

ANCHORAGE, AK – Alaskans for Dan Sullivan today released its newest television ad, “Semper Fi”. In the ad, Senator Sullivan highlights the “always faithful” creed of the U.S. Marine Corps and emphasizes the commitments he has made and kept in order to deliver big wins for Alaska.


[Senator Sullivan]: In the Marines, our motto is Semper Fi. Always faithful.
As your Senator, I’ve worked hard to honor my commitments to Alaska.
Expanding energy production…
…and providing veterans with better care.
Bringing the F35s to Eielson…
…and passing Save our Seas to keep our oceans clean.
Now the stakes are higher…
…and I’m fighting even harder to keep Alaskans safe…
…and get our economy moving again.
Our best days are ahead.
I’m Dan Sullivan. I approved this message, and I’d be honored by your vote.


Throughout his first term in the U.S. Senate, Dan Sullivan has worked with Alaskans to deliver big wins to the state:

  • Leading the fight to unleash Alaska’s energy potential by opening ANWR and reopening the NPR-A for responsible resource development
  • Rebuilding our nation’s military, especially in Alaska, after the 25% cuts by the Obama Administration which gutted the readiness of our forces
  • Securing $300 million to fund new water and sewer programs, as well as funding for new ports, harbors and icebreakers to defend America’s interests in the Arctic
  • Protecting our Second Amendment right to bear arms
  • Fighting back against socialist policies like the Green New Deal, which will destroy Alaska’s economy, and opening up access to our lands
  • Passing historic Save Our Seas legislation to clean up our oceans
  • Empowering survivors of domestic violence and securing critical funding for public safety in rural Alaska
  • Fighting for Alaska Native communities, subsistence whalers, and the rights of ivory craftsmen
  • Improving medical care for veterans and their families by increasing the number of doctors, staff and facilities in Alaska’s VA hospitals